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About Us

About Us

I’m Vivek Khokher Digital Marketer and Programmer.

I am working as a Digital Marketer and Programmer in my companies. I am Started my own business at the age of 13 in 2019 and my current age is 14 in 2020-2021. I am struggling more than 3.5 years to earn money online due to lack of knowledge and after some days I can earn money online and generated a basic income within few days because of good knowledge and my past experiences and after some months my new journey is started I can earn a massive + passive income at the age of 14 in my school life. I learn a simple lesson or a moral which never give up. If I can give up then no one can find on Google who is Vivek Khokher. So, Never Give Up and You can achieve your goals easily.

-         Vivek Khokher